Our way.

our way

We are a team of conceptual architects that create unique spaces through a deep understanding of human dreams, needs, hopes and desires.

What is it that makes a place stay with you long after you leave it? Why do some experiences leave you both elevated and inspired? These kinds of questions inform our design philosophy every day, helping us to unfold our clients’ vision and translate it into the needs of their guests. Through this process, we are able to create unique environments that hit you right in that special spot.

Our story

Studio Kin originates from the architecture and interior design practice Lundwall Architects also known as LWA. LWA was founded 1983 by Christian Lundwall and have experience from hundreds of hotel developments all over the world.

Studio Kin is the new and improved LWA. We have managed to sharpen our skills and services through a concentrate of the key people from LWA and mix it up with new highly skilled and experienced individuals. We feel we now have found the perfect team that can maintain the knowledge, contacts and experience we’ve acquired through the many projects completed by LWA but that also have the tools to improve and develop our designs and services.

We are looking forward to another 35 years of exciting design projects.